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Install & Design

We now offer a full Design and install service, using our  large & growing network of electric underfloor heating installers based throughout the UK. Although installation of our systems is designed for the DIY’er (with connections made by a local electrician), if you don't fancy doing the job yourself, please contact us for details of a recommended installer who covers your area.

Design install

Underfloor Heating Under Tile Cable Mats

Available in 2 Power rating 150w or 200w

Cable mats are available in 150w per sqm for internal rooms & 200w per sqm for conservatories & areas of high heat loss.

The cable mat system is similar to the cable kit, except the heating cable is woven onto a mesh, with the cable already spaced out, for hassle free laying. The mesh on our cable mat is self adhesive, no need for taping, making it simple to lay.

The mat is simply rolled out, pressed to the floor, then tiled over suitable for both timber & concrete sub-floors - the mat system is ideal for larger, square or rectangular rooms where it can save time in spacing the cables.

Every kit comes complete with.


  • Heating cable supplied woven to a self adhesive mesh.
  • Choice of fully programmable thermostat controller.
  • Floor Probe
  • Floor primer.
  • Roller for primer.
  • Simple installation instructions.
  • Manufacturers Lifetime warranty.
  • Prices start from £98

Prices start from just £98


FH300 Thermostat

The FH-01 Underfloor heating thermostat has been designed specifically with electric under floor heating in mind, able to control up to 16amp.

1. Floor sensor only. Ideal when you only want to control the floor surface temperature. (Conservatories for example)

2. Air and Floor. The thermostat controls the air temperature whilst using the floor sensor to prevent overheating of the floor system.

3. Remote Air and Floor. Ideal for remote control of the air and floor temperature (Bathrooms for example) 


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