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Handy Heat Aluminium Mats

Heating Mat with Aluminium thermal-reflection

Our Ali Mat is an under wood / laminate fully earthed twin-conductor heating mat with a thermal reflective solid aluminium foil.

The heating mat is laid over our exceptional 6mm or 3mm Depron Foam insulation (which replaces the standard flooring underlay) to give minimal efect on your floor height. It has a aluminium reflective surface which improves the thermal reflection properties and efficiency of the system.



Our 'Ali Mat' is ideally suited for installation directly beneath wood or laminate floors. Used primarily in bathroom where a non earthed product such as the carbon heating film is not an option. 

The heating mat is available in a wide range of sizes.

Technical data:

Ultra low wattage per linear meter twin‐heating conductor with earth braiding,
attached to solid aluminum foil

Supply voltage: 230 Vac
Max. load per linear meter wire: 6.5 Watt
Wire construction: Stranded resistance wires with
Double insulated and braided
earth shield.
Earth shield: 0,5mm² tinned copper connected
to Aluminum foil
Type of insulation: ETFE/PA
Thickness of mat: 2mm
IP rating: IPx7
Factory testing: 2.5 K volt Dielectric withstand
Applied standard: IEC 60335‐1 / 60335‐2‐96