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Underfloor Heating Insulation Panels

Handy Heat Tile Backer Boards

Handy Heat Tilebacker Boards "Now Made in UK" Made in the UK

HandyHeat insulated tile-backer boards are a high performance, reinforced insulating board. They are made of waterproof extruded polystyrene with a fiberglass mesh embedded on each face into a cement polymer coating for exceptional compressive strength & rigidity.

The cement coating offers several advantages when compared to uncoated polystyrene boards including:

Bullet Point Class O fire rated BS

Underfloor Heating Insulation Panels

Bullet Point Greater Rigidity
Bullet Point Higher point loading
**Beware of Un-Coated insulation**
Apart from the above, some uncoated foam boards can result in a separation of your tile adhesive from the foam, resulting in the floor lifting.

**HandyHeat boards have a Fully Resin Bonded cement layer to both sides for complete strength and safety.
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The use of underfloor heating insulation panels / insulated tile-backer boards will reduce warm-up times & reduce running costs in all cases, but they are especially recommended if installing under-tile heating on an un-insulated floor.

The boards can be fitted directly over floorboards, chipboard, plywood using galvanized screws & over existing concrete floors with ordinary floor tile adhesive (a rapid setting adhesive is recommended)

The underfloor heating insulation panels / boards are 0.72 sqm each & are available in thicknesses of 6-60mm. The 10mm is by far the most popular size for existing floors, however for new floors (especially conservatories) the 50mm is the most popular thickness!

Underfloor Heating Under Tile
A Typical Installation using Underfloor Heating Insulation Panels

Underfloor Heating UK
HandyHeat holds one of the UK's largest stock's of
Insulated Tilebacker Board

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The 10mm board is the most popular in renovations (although 6mm is OK where floor thresholds are critical) but in a new conservatory many people are leaving the floor screed 60mm lower than normal & are using boards up to 60mm thick for greater efficiency & lower running costs